Tuesday, February 7, 2023

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    How to Get Started on Instagram in 3 Simple Steps

    Like any other social media platform, Instagram is getting more and more famous day by day. In 2016, just 100 people used Instagram stories daily.

    While in 2019, these numbers increased to 500 daily. Only three years changed the world of Instagram. It proves that social media has influenced and is still frequently influencing the world.

    So, everyone wants to get into this world of Instagram. But some people do not know how to get started on Instagram.

    Hence, I am here to help you out, and today I will tell you just three simple steps that will lead you to the large society of Instagram.

    Let’s get straight into it.

    Set up your Instagram account

    In this step, we will discuss everything that is used to set up an Instagram account. First, you have to download the Instagram app from Play Store, Microsoft Store, or App Store. Then you can create your IG account. If you have some problems, then you can check out those basic steps that Instagram provides. After sign up, you will move towards the profile picture. If you are making an account for a business, make sure to put a logo on your profile. But if you are making a general account, then use any picture of this purpose.

    Pro Tip: A good photo with your full body or at least full-face eyeing towards the camera is the best choice for any profile picture.

     After the profile picture, you have to deal with your profile. You can access it by clicking the “Edit Profile” button. After clicking it, you will find another page. Here, you have to type your name, your username, your bio, and your website(if you have any). You can also check out some business tools if you are making a business account.  

    Post and edit

    Now, as your account is created, you should post some photos, reels, or maybe Instagram stories. You can click the “+” button at the bottom to post photos or videos. By clicking it, Instagram will take you to your gallery, from where you can choose any photo or video. Here, you have to understand the tactics of Instagram. And now, edit the media that you chose for posting. You can utilize the following stuff while posting something on Instagram:

    Use Captions

    Captions are compulsory when it comes to posting something on Instagram. It would be best if you used some blistering captions for your posts. By doing this, the audience will get attracted to your account.


    You should add some hashtags that are relevant to your post. The use of hashtags can give your post a flight. So, you can get more audience than your expectations.

    However, before loading up your Instagram updates with a bunch of random hashtags, it’s important to know which hashtags are trending, and which audiences are looking for each.

    Tag People

    You also tag some people in your posts. You can tag them if they are related to your post or present in the photo or video you are posting. This will also give you a new and more audience. Because of tagging people, your post will come across your audience as well as your tagged person’s audience. But make sure to tag people properly.

    Share it

    If you are active on some other social media platforms, too, then make sure to share your Instagram posts on them. Sharing will also increase the traffic on your post and your account.

    Get Social

    Last but not least, becoming social is perhaps the most difficult and important part of getting started on Instagram. You have to interact with other Instagram users to grow your account. You can do it by tagging them or by commenting on other’s posts. By doing this, you can get your audience. If you are running a business account, then getting to socialize is very much vital for you.


    I have pointed out and told you three simple steps towards the world of Instagram. Now, you know everything from downloading the Instagram app to getting socialize.

    So, now it is up to you to get started on Instagram.

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