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    Search Rankings Vs. Social Media: Which is the Better Option?

    Is search rankings or social media the best method to enhance your business? Are both methods essential for online success?

    A lot of digital marketers and small business owners describe the roles of search rankings and social media. They think which is the best option to get more exposure for online campaigns.

    After a lot of research, it is clear that both ways social media marketing and search engine marketing are essential for the success of a digital business.

    First, look at the purpose of both methods.

    • Search Engine Marketing:  Search engine marketing is the results of search queries of your audience in Google. Your ranking indicates that how much you will gain traffic to your site.
    • Social Media Marketing: Social media marketing is the relationship with your audience through Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Linkedln.

    Now, let’s cover the difference between search rankings and social media in three simple segments.

    1 – Content

    Content is the key thing for both search engine optimization and social media, and in order to rank above the competition, you need to make sure you have stellar content that is worth ranking.

    Let’s see how content affects both marketing strategies. 

    • Search Engine Optimization

    Content-based on search engine optimization is informative for your audience. Pieces of content that contains detailed information and answers all the common questions are the best for the target audience. Readers want all the information in optimized content without reading multiple pages. If your content is not valuable, readers might leave your website.  

    • Social Media

    Social media marketing focuses on emotions such as anger, anxiety, drives, and engagement. Social media provides engaging content and entertainment for people. Content that contains emotional responses tends to trend. Content that best for social media is short, emotional headlines and visuals.

    No matter what type of content you are creating, it’s important to make sure you are using a reliable SERP tool to monitor where your site is ranking, and also your competitors. For this, we recommend using Zutrix, as it allows you to start tracking up to 10 keywords for free.

    In other words you can use both social media and search engine marketing to rank your site. Both methods supplement each other to get more audience.

    2 – Audience

    The audience is the main target of both search rankings and social media. Let’s see how both marketing strategies are crucial to attracting an audience.

    • Search Rankings

    A search engine optimization strategy is very important to determine your target audience. SEO strategy creates marketing personas. Marketing personas collects fictitious audience that has the same feature as the ideal audience. A fictitious audience helps in marketing decisions and promotes your business. Your target audience wants the answer to their questions in your content. If your content provides answers, then you will gain the trust of the audience.

    • Social Media

    People on social media interact, share, and engage with content. More than 74% of social media users use social media for buying decisions. That number is consistently increasing due to influencer suggestions and an increase in social marketplaces.

    In other words… you can achieve your ideal target audience on social media through SEO.

    3 – Success Rate

    Measurement of success rate is different for search rankings and social media.

    • SEO

    The success rate is a slow process but rewarding one. SEO requires consistency, and it has more conversion rate than social media marketing.

    • Social Media Marketing

    Social media marketing has a lower return than search engine optimization. It takes less time for interaction and to post content. Social media marketing acquires time to grow a huge following. But you can see engagements in real-time after uploading a post on social media.

    • In Other Words

    Social media helps you to develop relationships and increase your backlinks and reviews. It will improve your rankings organically in search engines.

    In Conclusion

    It is not easy to choose social media or search engine optimization for online success because each has its pros and cons. The best way for online success is to adopt both marketing strategies.

    Social media marketing will increase engagement, and SEO will optimize your content.

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